Enhances the use of products sweetened with Sweetener

Who We are ??

JJD Enterprises is a leading food ingredients company of India since year the 2010 and dealing with Sweeteners 'High intensity and Bulk , natural sweeteners – stevia and monk fruit , Acidulants , Natural Preservatives, Beta glucan, food fibers, etc. and is exclusive and only distribution partner of the largest manufacturing companies world such as - with the JK Sucralose Inc., HSWT Aspartame France, Hua Sweet Neotame, FUSO Malic

Acid -JAPAN, Aojing Stevia, FREDA Nisin & Natamycin, BLB-Erythritol ,maltitol, xylitol , Fibresse polydextrose , ANGEL Yeast Beta Glucan ,etc.

JJD enterprises is the largest single window sweetener company of india and is also popularly known as ‘ Sweetener India ‘

We have our own central air-conditioned warehouse, office and laboratory well-maintained in 20000 sq ft area in Prescribed Govt Approved premium location in NCR / DELHI. we have technical and professional team of 25 employees to deal with 4500 clients in INDIA. Our client list include top 50 clients of Dairy, Bakery, Beverages, Confectionary, Snacks and Savory and Pharma. JJD Enterprises is known for its excellence and expertise in best service, warehousing , technical inputs and logistics . Our global partners trust us since more than 10 years and so our India companies have full faith and trust in our services and our distribution which is PAN India. Our marketing team is fully activated for the network in Punjab , Haryana , Rajasthan, Hyderabad , Bangalore , Andhra Pradesh , Kerala, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh , Uttarakhand, Orissa, Jammu & Kashmir , Delhi / NCR has made us able to supply the material efficiently .

At JJD we always try to understand the need of the customer and work hard for getting the best solution available globally with the aim of providing “World Class Quality products” at affordable price to the customers. The strength of JJD Enterprises is known for excellence in providing prompt services to the clients + Best Product @ Best Price.

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Why Sweetners ??

Sugar substitutes help provide sweetness and enhance the flavor of flood without adding any extra calorie of sugar, unlike sugar, they don’t contribute to any health related affects that consumer of sugar face on a day to day basis such as tooth decay, raise in blood sugar and diabetics.

Sweetness of Life doesn't Come from Sugar .. Sweeteners Brings Sweet Solution for Healthy Life ..

Enjoy Sweetness
without Sugar
& Calories

Bringing sweetness to your application segment – without sugar.

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